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On the theme of World Environment Day, a Poster Making Competition was organized in Euro International School sector-109 on 5th May 2018. The main objective of competition was to engross the hidden talent of the students. Children had fun & made the day memorable.
The" Inter House Quiz Competition" was conducted today at 'Euro International School, Sector- 109' for Grades IV- VIII. The main objective of school quizzing competition's is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learning concepts. Total four teams participated in the Quiz Felicity, Equality, Integrity and Unity.' Aaditya' from class 5th secured "First" position. 'Deepanshu' from class 8th secured "Second" position. 'Aaditya Rohilla' from class 8th secured" Third" position. Overall Felicity house was the winner.
"Debate Session" was held today at 'Euro International School, Sector- 109' for Grades 'IVth - VIIIth'. Debates prepares students to use their interpersonal skills and also it is an interesting way for students to share knowledge. Various topics were included such as:- 1.Recycling should be done or not?, 2.Car pooling controls pollution. It should be done or not? 3.Plastic bags should be banned or not? 4. Is our feedom, still our freedom? 5. Should students be graded on the basis of good handwriting or not? etc. The main 'purpose' behind such activities is the personality development of the students.